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And another post – short and easy:)

Many of my friends start a journey to agility. They all have different challenges with it. All want to learn more. They ask me for recommendations of books/trainings, which are good for people who want to start own way towards agility.

Some of good books are on the list here: http://www.orgtesis.pl/readings/     (and now I need to update this list with another one)

Being Agile in an Waterfall World

Being Agile in an Waterfall World

Why I write „now”?

Recently I did another change in my life. And as always – Change is good!

I changed a company.


I miss my old great team, but it is time to move on. New challenges. New people.

There is no surprise, AllegroGroup is The Agile Company. By all means. It is nimble and works by heart according to The Agile Movement. Teams are able to use agility enabling practices. I had an opportunity there to experience a change/transformation from a waterfall mindset to an agile mindset. Was it easy? – For sure not. Long story. A huge achievement for all teams. A few times I had a chance to give a speech about a transformation on conferences either in Poland or abroad (PMI EMEA Congress, PMI Global Congress North America).

Now I joined another company. It is my first week. I am focused on getting a feeling of organizational culture etc. You can imagine… all around is new and exciting for me.

During meetings we talk a lot about agility. About understanding the differences between waterfall and Agile. Lots of questions, answers and inspiring discussions.

For sure it is very complex organization.

Many of us are in similar environment. So what to do? Where to start? There are many ways. For sure, good start is to read good books, and there are many of them on market 🙂

I remind myself one, which I bought half a year ago. My friend Joseph Flahiff is an author. Very experienced professional. You can find his profile on LinkedIn.



BEING AGILE IN A WATERFALL WORLD – a practical guide for complex organizations”   (LINK)


If I would have to write one sentence about this book, I would write “100% of common sense about Agile”.

The book is easy to read. All is explained in an easy to understand way. There are many examples from companies around world. Joseph got very pragmatic approach and you can feel it.

Remember Agile is NOT a NOUN!  (you will read more about it in Joseph’s book)

I stop here. Book is recommended to all who starts way towards agility. No doubts about it! Want to know more? Read it or ask me :).

Do you have some good books to be recommended? Share them with me and others. Thank You!


Being Agile in an Waterfall World

Being Agile in an Waterfall World