When projects fail in a company, management tries to understand what went wrong. Often, first impressions are that we don’t have skilled enough people or our methodology is not well implemented. When we ask a consulting company, they, in most cases, conduct ASIS analysis then sell a new methodology implementation or trainings. Nothing or little will change. The challenge is in the system of work. System of work consists of such things as structure, hierarchy, goals, multitasking, team dysfunctions, planning horizons, etc.. All of this and more influence our projects every day. Although systems of work are around us, it is not visible. That is the challenge.

„Leaders are missing the solution because they are not looking at the systemsstructuresprocesses and polices that affect day-to-day behaviorsThey arefocused on the symptoms instead of the principles that promote trust.”                       

Covey „Speed of trust”


Don’t Change the Methodology. Change the System! (part 1)

Don’t Change the Methodology. Change the System!